Sepulveda's Sponsored Puppy Updates

See how our sponsored pups are doing.

Generous sponsor donations and player participation at the Sepulveda Building Materials Charity Golf Tournament sponsor Guide Dogs of America puppies and provide training, equipment and supplies for graduates and their guide dogs. Here are updates on the puppies-in-training.

Your support of Guide Dogs of America can go beyond our annual golf tournament. Please read more about Guide Dogs of America, then visit the Guide Dogs of America website. To call Guide Dogs of America directly, please contact Judy Reilly at 818-833-6437.

Latest Puppy Updates

June: Vince sent his first newsletter.

April: Olivia sent a newsletter.

April: Cleo sent a newsletter.

April: Walker has a brand new newsletter.

April: Jamus sent his first newsletter

March: Mamba sent a newsletter.

Guide Dog Team Sponsorship 2018

Sepulveda Building Materials has sponsored puppies for years. In 2019, thanks to great support from our 2018 Charity Golf Tournament, we have been able to sponsor a complete guide dog team partnership by covering all expenses for both the student and the dog.

Team Sponsorship was awarded to Antonio and guide dog Ted. They graduated on May 18! Ted is a male yellow Labbie. Antonio is from Seattle and is a first time guide dog user. He is funny, light hearted and an all-around nice guy. He is working to get a BA in business, and he owns two businesses. Ted will open a new world for him!
Photo Article About Antonio & Ted

Puppies Born in 2020

OLIVIA – With Puppy Raiser

Meet Olivia, Sepulveda's new sponsored puppy. She is an adorable yellow labbie, born January 19 and being raised by Nancy and Brian. What a cutie pie!
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VINCE - With Puppy Raiser

Meet Vince, Sepulveda's new sponsored puppy. He is an adorable black labbie. Vince is living with Mamba who is another Sepulveda sponsored pup.
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Puppies Born in 2019

CLEO – With Puppy Raiser

Meet Cleo, the newest addition to the Sepulveda Puppy Stable! She is a very adorable Black Labbie that was born July 28. She is being raised by Sherrie and her family.
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WALKER – With Puppy Raiser

Meet Walker. He is a very serious-looking adorable Black Labbie born on May 8. He and went home with his new puppy raiser, Becky. Very cute!
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OAKS – Career Change

Meet Oaks, a very cute Black Labbie born on February 15. He was being raised by Danny and Corylynn, from our Orange County group, but Oaks has a minor medical condition that requires medication. He was released from the GDA program, but his puppy raisers decided to adopt him. Good news!
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JAMUS – With Puppy Raiser

Meet pretty blond boy Jamus! He was born October 14 and went home with his puppy raiser Joanne, from our Orange County group.
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Puppies Born in 2018

MAMBA – With Puppy Raiser

Welcome adorable Black "Mamba". He was born November 30, 2018 and went home with his new family, Angela Yang and her crew. He is very adorable and not at all scary like a regular black mamba would be!
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DENVER – With Puppy Raiser

Meet Denver! She's the cutest yellow labbie you can think of. She was born June 23 and went home with his puppy raiser, Janice.
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AUGIE – Career Change

Augie is an adorable Yellow Labbie born June 15. He went home on August 10 with Carolyn and her family. Sadly, Augie had a minor medical problem that keeps him from being a guide dog. His puppy raiser family adopted him!
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Guide Dog Training Sponsorship 2017

LADDY – Guide Dog Graduate

Laddy has finished his formal training and has graduated! Now he will work to provide independence and mobility to his visually-impaired partner. Congratulations to Chelsea, Laddy's puppy trainer!

NILES – Guide Dog Graduate

Niles has finished his formal training and has graduated! Now he will work to provide independence and mobility to his visually-impaired partner. Congratulations to Judy, Niles' Puppy Raiser.

Puppies Born in 2017

VENUS – Guide Dog Graduate

Here's Venus!! This adorable Black Labbie was born on December 14, 2017 and raised by Laura. On September 28, 2019 she and her partner Sharlene graduated from GDA!
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PADDY – GDA Breeding Program

Paddy was raised by Brian and Nancy. Now Paddy has been selected for the GDA Breeding Program, because she is "the best of the best" in temperament and confirmation. Paddy is now a proud mama to a litter of 10 wonderful future guide dogs!
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Photo of Paddy's Puppies!

JENNY – Career Change

Jenny is a little chunky monkey and is, of course, adorable. She is a yellow labbie who was born May 9. Unfortunately, during training, Jenny was "full of beans" and not just right for a Guide Dog. Instead, she will become a great pet!
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BOSTON – Career Change

Adorable Miss "Boston" is a German Shepherd who was born February 6. She had some minor, not dramatic or life-threatening, medical issues, and she was adopted by a forever family in August, 2018.
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Puppies Born in 2016

WINDY – Career Change

Here's "Windy". She was born December 5 and went home with Pam and Dave. As you can see, she is one very cute little black labbie! Sadly, a vet exam revealed a small cataract, and now she will be a wonderful pet!
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FRIDA – GDA Breeding Program

She was raised by Liisa, a longtime GDA puppy raiser, and now Frida has been selected for the GDA Breeding Program. She is "the best of the best", with the best temperament and confirmation. Frida will serve GDA by producing a few good litters of puppies that hopefully become guide dogs.
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EZRI – Career Change

Ezri is an adorable black Labrador/Golden cross born on June 26. Ezri is absolutely a cutie pie, and you can see that Golden coming out in those long ears! Sadly, she had a minor medical problem. That means she can't be a Guide Dog, but she'll make a great pet!
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ADLER – With Puppy Raiser

Adler is an adorable black labbie born on April 4. His puppy raisers were Diane and Karen. Sadly, he has minor elbow dysplasia that will keep him from being a guide dog. Diane and Karen will be keep him as a pet and have plans for him to be a therapy dog. Click the "Photos" link below for his latest picture!
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Puppies Born in 2015

PICSAR – Career Change

Picsar is an adorable Golden Retriever that was born November 24, 2015. After a busy year with his puppy raiser Ina, Picsar decided he didn't want to be a Guide Dog. The good news is that Ina adopted him, so all ended well!
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LYNK – Career Change

Lynk is a great pup with a lot of energy. Unfortunately, that energy is hard to channel in the right direction, so he won't become a guide dog. The good news is that the McKenzies are keeping him as part of their family, and it doesn't get any better than that!
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FINA – Career Change

Chocolate delight! Meet Fina, a rambunctious chocolate labbie born on July 19. This is the first time in many years that we have had a chocolate lab. We are thrilled! Sadly, Fina has an allergy that can be handled medically but will keep her from being a Guide Dog.
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ELEXI – Career Change

Elexi was born on June 14. She's a beautiful black labrador. She went into formal training, but the trainers learned that she was more interested in everything else going on around her. Her puppy raiser, Andy, has adopted her!
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BOSLEY – Career Change

Bosley is an adorable black labbie born April 24. He was raised by Sherrie. He had frequent ear infections during formal training. They are treatable, but GDA does not want to saddle a visually impaired person with the expenses. He'll be quickly adopted by a loving family!
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PATTON – Career Change

Patton is was born on February 13. He went went into formal training on August 27, 2016. Unfortunately, the trainers found that he was a great young dog who was too easily distracted to become a Guide Dog. Instead, he will become a great pet for a loving family!
Patton's Facebook Page

Puppies Born in 2014

HIGBEE – GDA Breeding Program

Higbee is a gorgeous black labbie born on November 16, 2014. He went home with his puppy raisers, the Tayenakas. In 2016 GDA staff determined that Higbee had great conformance and temperment, so he became part of the GDA breeding program.
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Higbee's Facebook Page

MONTY – Guide Dog Graduate

Monty is a black Labrador Retriever, and he was born on May 7, 2014. He will be raised by Genevieve and Spencer. Very handsome boy that Monty. Now he is Guide Dogs of America graduate!
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Graduation Photos!

QUORRA – Career Change

Quorra means "heart", and she will tug at your heart. Born March 15, she was being raised by Lorry. Quorra was the first German Shepherd sponsored by Sepulveda. Unfortunately, despite great work by her raiser and the GDA trainers, Quorra did not want to be a guide dog.
Photos Newsletters: 1234

GISELLE – Guide Dog Graduate

Introducing Mademoiselle “Giselle”. She was born January 4, 2014 and went home with her puppy raiser, Andy. She is a lovely black Labrador retriever with a sweet and gentle disposition. Now she is a Guide Dogs of America Graduate!
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Graduation Photos!

Puppies Born in 2013

TAGG – Guide Dog Graduate

Tagg is a yellow Labrador retriever born on August 10. He was one of twelve puppies! His puppy raiser was Laurel. He graduated on October 18 and was matched with Kassandra from Pennsylvania
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Letters from School: 12345
Graduation Letter!

ELENA – Guide Dog Graduate

Elena is one of ten puppies born February 24, 2013. She was raised by long time Puppy Raiser Judi Gomez. Elena was Judi’s 11th GDA puppy. Now she is a Guide Dogs of America Graduate!
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Graduation Photos!

DUNCAN – Career Change

Duncan is a black Labrador Retriever. He was born 2/5/13 and went home on 3/38/13 with his Puppy Raiser, Angela Yang. They don't come much cuter!
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BODIE – Career Change

Bodie is a Labrador/Golden Retriever cross. He was born 1/24/13, and his Puppy Raiser was Lorry Rawding. When Bodie went to formal training he was diagnosed with cataracts. He has returned to the Rawdling family to be a great companion!
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TITAN – Guide Dog Graduate

Titan is a lab/golden retriever mix. Born January 7, 2013, he went to his Puppy Raiser, Cathy, on March 1. Now he is a Guide Dogs of America graduate!
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Graduation Photos

Puppies Born in 2012

KENAI – Career Change

Kenai was born on September 10 and was raised by the Hart Family. They also raised Denali, who graduated in 2012, and Journey. Kenai became stressed when in the GDA kennels, so she has changed careers. She will be a great pet for the Hart family!
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PIXIE – GDA Breeding Program

Puppy Raisers Tina and Brian say Pixie was fun, learned quickly and was very adaptable. These traits and more led to her selection as a breeder. She is the best of the best and will hopefully give birth to wonderful guide dog puppies!
Photo Newsletters: 1235
1st Birthday Photo

LULU – GDA Breeding Program

Lulu was raised by Maggie from Upland. She showed the special traits needed to be a breeder. Lulu is named after Puppy Department Manager Louise Henderson, who has been with GDA for over 20 years. What a fitting way to honor her!
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Lulu as an Adult!

LANCE – Career Change

Thank you so much for being my sponsor. My name is Lance, and I was born on February 10. I am being raised by the Lorry family in Simi Valley. Since I went home with them at 7 weeks I have learned so much!
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Puppies Born in 2011

JOURNEY – Career Change

My name is Journey, and I was born on December 17. The Harts from Cypress raised me. One of my raisers is interested in becoming a Veterinarian, so puppy raising helped him learn more about dogs.
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Journey Dreaming

GRAYSON – Guide Dog Graduate

Grayson was born in March, 2011. His Puppy Raisers were the McKenzies of Lakewood, CA. He graduated in January, 2013!
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Grayson is a “Cover Dog”
Graduation Photos!

Puppies Born in 2011

SAL – Guide Dog Graduate

Sal was born in October and was raised by the Judsons of Santa Monica, CA. Sal is paired with Karen Lemmon, a retired art teacher who lives on a ranch in Nebraska and is a docent at the Fort Robinson Museum.
PhotoSal Goes Sailing
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Graduation Photo!

ROSIE – Guide Dog Graduate

Rosie was born in October, 2010 and was raised by the Neisens of Covina. She is paired with Katrina, who takes Metrolink and Redline to get to college with Rosie's assistance. This is Katrina's second guide dog.
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Graduation Photo!